Festive Tour THAIPUISAM at BATU CAVES with Banana Leaf Lunch


Dress Smart  Casual – No jewelleries  please    limited seats !  Book NOW !

Thaipusam is a day of reckoning for the Hindus. It is held during the full moon of the Hindu Calendar in tribute to Hindu Deity Lord Murugan honored for slaying evil demons in the name of good virtue. It is said that his mother Parvati gave him the invulnerable “VEL” – a steel spear to rid the evil beings. It is also a day when devotees fulfill their vows to their Deity Lord Murugan.

The “kavadis” – elaborate ornate frames well decorated with pictures of Lord Murugan are carried on their shoulders with much singing to the heavy drum beats and the vigorous dancing. Its a colorful carnival. 

Why are we so special : 

^  Early pick up 0500hrs (5am) on 21 January 2019 (Monday) within Kuala Lumpur by our English speaking Tour Coordinators awesome in courtesy and knowledge. They will be your guide as well. 

^  Free flow Mineral water  ^  All fees 
^  1 Breakfast and 1 Banana Leaf Lunch (eat with fingers)

Please wear comfortable shoes and jeans and bring Cameras with extra batteries.

Price  USD 100 EACH 




Our itinerary 
0500hrs (5 am) Depart for the famous Batu Caves to witness first hand the piecing of steel skewers and hooks into the devotees fragile cheeks, tongues, eyebrows. They are in a trance which is “fed” into them through the chant of  “vel vel” and heavy drum beats. To “receive” this trance, the devotees ought to cleanse themselves on a 40 day abstinence from all vices. The Guide will explain further.  
0700hrs  After ritual formalities, which is done at a riverside, the devotee dashes through the crowd in full speed up the 272 steps to the temple and surrenders to his Lord  fulfilling his promise. This is a journey of endurance through sweltering heat, bare footed and in abject agony due to the piercings. 
0900hrs  Breakfast at the temple grounds and you are free at leisure to mingle and photo shoot. 
1300hrs  Banana Leaf Lunch and return to hotel . End of program.