7Days 6Nites Malaysia Tour drop off Penang Island from Malacca

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 7 days

tripadvisor and Viator’s 2017 Travel Award bestowed on us is our pride !

Price :  Single traveller  USD 2,000   2 or more travellers  USD 1000 each 

Blockouts are inevitable during the festive season due to massive traffic jams

Blockout dates :

Christmas Day 2017                     22 – 25 December 2017

New Years Day 2018                    29 – 31 Dec 2017 – 01 January 2018

Chinese New Year 2018               15 – 18 February 2018

Overview : This is a multi days tour and covers very significant parts of Malaysia as in Historic Malacca, Kuala Lumpur City with the KL Tower, the Rainforest Taman Negara, the hill resort of Cameron Highlands finally landing on the beautiful island of Penang at the happening place of Batu Feringghi beach.

Why we are special :

  • This is a comprehensive tour and we excel in it.
  • It will be a meet and greet at the KL International Airport.
  • You will go through an interesting food tasting of ethnic Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine.
  • Our English speaking Guides are awesome for courtesy, knowledge, friendliness and go that “extra mile”. They have on many occasions, returned left items in the vehicle by guests and were rewarded for their honesty. They will wait for you .  
  • Special arrangements at certain tourist spots by us only.
  • Free flow mineral water.
  • Includes: All entrance fees, meals as stipulated, hotel.
  • This tour is on a shared basis. Private tours will cost double the price.


Day 1 to 7
What to expect 
DAY 01 (D H)  AIRPORT – HISTORIC MALACCA UNESCO LISTING    (Drive time approx. 45 minutes)
HISTORIC MALACCA – a UNESCO Listed HERITAGE SITE  was an international trading post.  The Chinese brought Gold Silk and Buddhism. The Siamese brought Ivory and Buddhism. The Indians brought cloth and Hinduism. And the Arabs brought Pearls, Perfumes and Islam.                                                                                       1511 saw Portuguese occupation – Catholicism.   1641  Dutch occupation with Protestant. in 1795 the British took over – Anglican.  They left us with Independence on 31 August 1957.                                                                           On arrival at Airport (time depending) meet and greet and transfer to hotel in Malacca.  Free at leisure. 1900hrs  Local dinner and adjourn to newly opened HARD ROCK CAFE in Malacca for 1 Complimentary drink on us. 
DAY 02 (B L D H) MALACCA – KUALA LUMPUR     (Drive time approx. . 2 hours)
0800hrs After breakfast, check out and Malacca Historical tour.   CHRIST CHURCH 1753 – Oldest Protestant Church, converted to an Anglican Church.  STADTHUYS 1650 – Malacca’s Historic Museum and house of Dutch Governor.   ST PAUL’S HILL – Portuguese built chapel where St Francis Xavier did missionary work built St Paul’s College. A FAMOSA 1512 – Portuguese built fort and the gateway still stands. JONKERS’ STREET– Street of antiquities of Malacca’s rich past.  CHENG HOON TENG TEMPLE – Oldest Chinese temple professing 3 doctrines.   RIVER CRUISE which unveils clean embankments with gardens, old churches, mosques, clan houses, temples and pollution free waters.  1300hrs   BABA NYONYA lunch ( a signature dish in Malacca) and depart for Kuala Lumpur. Check in to hotel. Free at leisure.  1800hrs Visit CHINATOWN and proceed for MALAYSIAN BUFFET DINNER WITH CULTURAL SHOW.   2200hrs  Good Nite !                                                                                                                                                                           
Kuala Lumpur began as a tin mining settlement with Tudor styled clubhouses, Moorish courthouses to the present Twin Towers with events, festivals and foods of various cultures.                                                                 
0900hrs After breakfast depart for the KUALA LUMPUR TOWER at 421 meters which houses the telecoms and meteorological stations and the revolving restaurant.  Catch a bird’s eye view of the city.   Visit INDEPENDENT SQUARE – Unique Moorish design architecture built by the British. This was the venue where the British flag the Union Jack was lowered and the Malaysian Flag raised to mark 31 August 1957 as Independence Day.    ST MARY’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, NATIONAL MONUMENT – unique colonial landmarks for the fallen heroes.  KING’S PALACE  – we have a new King every 5 years.  Take a short walk through LITTLE INDIA  and have lunch on a Banana leaf (eat with fingers). We then proceed to the famous BATU CAVES – climb 272 steps into the temple of Hindu Deity who is honored during the Hindu festival of Thaipusam in January or February every year.  ( Ladies to be properly attired to enter the temple). BATIK DESIGN AND PEWTER FACTORY VISIT. A guided tour on handcrafted souvenirs.            Back to hotel. Free at leisure.    1600hrs Depart for an evening with the SILVERED LEAF MONKEYS. They will clamber all over you for the food that you have and its a close brush with nature.   1900hrs  Sumptuous seafood dinner at a riverside restaurant and then catch a boat to watch fireflies in a mating ritual. Its a dazzling display of lights as in a Christmas tree. They flash synchronously through a biochemical reaction in their light organs on their bottoms.   
DAY 04  (B L D H ) KUALA LUMPUR – TAMAN NEGARA   (Drive time approx. 4 hours)  
Taman Negara is a 130 million years old tropical rainforest home of the most threatened mammals as in Tigers, Tapirs, Elephants, Sun Bears… not forgetting  14,000 flowering plants, 300 bird species, 238 fresh water fish and the list goes on.                                                                                                                                                       0700hrs After breakfast depart for KUALA TAHAN, TAMAN NEGARA.   1100hrs On arrival activities begin CANOPY WALKWAY The longest Canopy walkway in South East Asia at 45 meters high and 510 meters long is a chance to view from atop various flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Catch a bird’s eye view of the world’s oldest Rainforest.  JUNGLE TREKKING The Experienced Nature Guide will belt out facts and fancies of the flora and fauna in Taman Negara. Bring along insect repellents, comfortable walking shoes.                 1300hrs Local Lunch at the Floating Restaurant. After a short breather, catch a boat for :   RAPIDS SHOOTING A take-home thrill as the boatman negotiates 7 sets of rapids to give you a “ chance “to get wet. Bring along changing clothes and towel.   ABORIGINE VILLAGE (ORANG ASLI ) VISIT  The aborigines live environment-friendly lives and the Rainforest is their Supermarket. They get all their life’s needs from the Rainforest. See their firemaking skills and blowpipe hunting techniques. They have things taboo and things secret. Find out from the Nature Guide.  1700hrs Check in to hotel. Freshen up. Free at leisure..                   1900hrs Dinner at the Floating Café followed by :                                                                                                                      NITE JUNGLE WALK Animals sighted during nite walks : mouse deer, insects, spiders, scorpions, wild boar, owl and a tame tapir that comes along once in a while. Bring along torchlight with extra batteries, rain coat, insect repellents to join Nature Guide and help him in the “hunt” for these friendly animals that forage for food at nite.  Make a list of number of animals sighted and compare notes.                                                        2200hrs Return to hotel and good nite. The Forest Orchestra plays on……   
DAY 05  ( B L D H) TAMAN NEGARA– CAMERON HIGHLANDS   (Drive time approx. 4 hours )
 Cameron Highlands is a hill resort, with temperatures 10 – 25 degrees celcius is about 1,500 meters above sea level. It was discovered by a British Surveyor Sir William Cameron in 1885 and is known for its farmlands, tea plantations, orchards, nurseries, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, wildlife nor forgetting the aborigines.                                                                                                                                                                                             0800hrs After breakfast depart for the CAMERON HIGHLANDS.  1200hrs On arrival at the Camerons, have lunch and the tour begins.  The TEA PLANTATION the oldest in the Camerons, spans 8,000 acres and believes in the conservation of our Elephants and the Orang Utan. They work closely with the WWF and the MNS and proceeds from sales at the Tea Cafe is channeled towards this conservation programme. And a walkabout in the plantation and photo shoots.   BUTTERFLY FARM AND INSECTARIUM – a secret Paradise of butterflies and insects. STRAWBERRY FARM – Pick fresh strawberries when in season.  VEGETABLE, FRUITS AND FLOWERS MARKET – walkabout to see a showcase of vegetables and fruits from the Camerons.   1700hrs Check in to hotel. Free at leisure.    1900hrs Dinner “HOT POT” – a signature dish in the Camerons that blends well with the cool weather. Bring along sweaters as the nites are cold.                            2200hrs Good Nite !
DAY 06  (B L H) CAMERON HIGHLANDS – PENANG ISLAND  (drive time approx. 4 hours ) 
 Penang Island is a thriving tourist destination listed as a UNESCO Heritage site.  Sir Francis Light founded Penang in 1786. You must be “forewarned” : Penang is also a food haven.  Batu Feringghi is the place to stay as it has one of the best beach belt. Most international hotel and a myriad of other facilities are available at this happening place. Your hotel is at this location.                                                                                                                  0800hrs  Depart Camerons for Penang Island and on arrival lunch. Check in to hotel and the beach and swimming pool beckons. Free at leisure and Good Nite. 
 0800hrs  After breakfast depart for Half day Penang Island tour. Georgetown was bestowed 2008 UNESCO HERITAGE CITY. Penang is a multi cultural port founded by Sir Francis Light in 1786 as he landed in Fort Cornwallis which he built with convict labour. The trishaw ride is the best way to see part of Georgetown. Visit the KHOO KONGSI, CLAN JETTIES which has houses on stilts with planked walkways built over water. The RECLINING BUDDHA  is 33 meters in length and was built in 1845 by the Thai Community.                   1200hrs Return to hotel for drop off. Please make your own arrangements for onward stay or check out. End of tour.  Good Bye and have a wonderful holiday.                                                                                                                        


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